Neighborhood Watch


Are you interested in participating in Neighborhood Watch?  We currently have 3 groups but would like to have more.  If there is any interest the Michigan State Police are available to help out any potential groups.  Please contact the township office for more information on starting a group or with any questions.  If there is any interest we would be happy to sponsor a meeting.  With the decline in road patrol from Ingham County we recognize there is a need for additional information.  Do you have any ideas that might be helpful or maybe you would you like to submit an article? 

North East Leslie NW contact is Chris Jordan-Foreman. 
(517)589-8006 -

Dutch Rd./E. Olds Rd. NW contact is Sherry Feazel 
(517)589-8201 -

W. Olds Rd./Blackmore Rd./Webber Rd. NW contact is Patti Wade 
(517)589-8201 -