Board of Appeals 
The Leslie Township Board of Appeals holds meetings upon request. 
Kevin Weber (Planning Commission) 
Dallas Henney (Board of Trustees)
Steve Johnson
Nonda Weber
Steve Craddock



Leslie Township Board of Trustees 
The Leslie Township Board of Trustees holds its regular meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. EXCEPT July will be the third Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. 
Todd L. Eldred, Supervisor  
Sheryl A. Feazel, Clerk  
Patricia A. Wade, Treasurer  
Dallas H. Henney, Trustee  
Dale N. Ward, Trustee

Meeting Minutes


Planning Commission

The Leslie Township Planning Commission holds its regular meetings on the first Wednesday of February, April, September, and November at 6:00 p.m.

"Surely the function of zoning is to plan a modern day community for continuance and growth over a period of years.  The growth cannot possibly come at once any more than a seed can spring into a tree overnight.  Unless the pattern is set and followed, proper growth can never materialize.  The alternative is to pay the price in crime, juvenile delinquency, inadequate sewers, inadequate roads, inadequate schools, inadequate parks, and worst of all, inadequate human beings - - - a pattern that has been all too clearly evident upon the American scene.  A city, village, or township is entitled to work out a better destiny for itself under such clear statutory authority."
- Two Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court

Gabriel Kuschel  (Secretary) 
Debbie Urban 
Kevin Weber (Chairman)
Lacy Boyers
Fonda Kannawin 
Dale Ward (Board of Trustees)
Brent Collins